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Exclusive Services

We have a team of industry experts with extensive managed care, sales and marketing, and practice manager experience.  We have all spent our professional careers on both the health insurance and provider’s side of the industry. 


How can we help?


  • Are you a new practice that needs managed care insurance contracts and patient volume?

  • Do you need your current insurance contracts reviewed and renegotiated?

  • Need someone to handle physician/practice onboarding and the constant influx of recredentialing applications?

  • Are your claims not paying according to your contract?

  • Is your practice inefficient?

  • Do you need to reset your sales and marketing plan?

  • Do you want your practice to be able to pivot with the industry?


You can trust Marcus Management Group to guide your practice through the turbulent times ahead in the health care industry.  Marcus Management Group establishes solid relationships for our clients.  These relationships are essential to ensure future viability of your practice.  We can position your practice where it will prosper when most are struggling to stay solvent.

Managed Care Insurance Contracting
  • Building relationships with regional/national insurance carriers

  • Marketing your practice to the insurance carriers

  • Developing pilot programs beneficial to the insurance carriers

  • Maximize patient volume and revenue

  • Simplify the credentialing process

  • Easy to follow tracking tools

  • Knowing when to renegotiate reimbursement rates

  • Constant progress communication


Comprehensive Practice Management
  • Increasing revenue and patient volume

  • Practice evaluations

  • Focusing on process efficiencies 

  • Improving the patient experience

  • Employee job description development and posting

  • Job postings that attract professionals

  • Candidate screening, hiring, training, and management

  • Practice Compliance


Strategic Marketing Plans & Business Development
  • Detailed and precise methods of target marketing

  • Finding long-standing referral sources

  • Maximize the potential of your sales team through coaching and mentoring

  • Placing and implementing the right CRM to fit your marketing goals

  • Understanding tracking, performance, and measurement

  • Pinpointing social media and other advertising possibilities


Claims Research
  • Outstanding claims projects and resolution

  • Collection’s trending and analysis

  • Soft collections without the risk of losing your patients

  • Increase cash flow


Industry Guidance
  • Understanding what to expect from CMS and state Medicaid

  • New insurance carriers and products coming to your region

  • Future reimbursement trends

  • The importance of market positioning

  • HIPAA and OSHA compliance

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